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The story sets in the future space where hunters roam the galaxy attempting to make some money by helping police catch criminals, sometimes, they even take work from private businesses on catching their wanted targets. The main story of Cowboy Bebop focuses on a group of hunters onboard the space ship named the Bebop:

  • Spike - An ex gangster leader & a hopeless romantic who searches the galaxy for his lost girlfriend, Julia.
  • Faye - The dangerous female con master who has completely lost her memory and is rumoured to have slept through time for the past 60 years.
  • Jet - An ex-cop who retired after being betrayed by his trusted partner.
  • Ed - A genius kid who got left behind by her parents and is currently searching for friends in the space.
  • Ein - A data dog worth millions of dollars who got rescued by the Bebop crew by accident.

>>> Ex.org Reviews (Edited)

With all the style and pacing of a five-and-dime pulp fiction novel, Bandai's COWBOY BEBOP hit the TV Tokyo airwaves in 1998 like a breath of fresh air. Following the exploits of intergalactic bounty hunters, lackadasical Spike Spiegel and authoritative Jet Black, COWBOY BEBOP was able to distinguish itself from the rest of the nightly anime broadcasts littered with magic girls, soulless sequels and just plain bad shows. Now, AnimeVillage brings the fun and mayhem of COWBOY BEBOP to America.

Aside from those points, the hit-producing team of SF setting consultant Kawamori Shouji (MACROSS PLUS, ESCAFLOWNE), director Watanabe Shinichiro (MACROSS PLUS) and music composer Kanno Yoko (MACROSS PLUS, ESCAFLOWNE) shows what a little originality from left field can do for a show. So kick back, relax with a plate of Ching Jao Lou Si, and enjoy the show.

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This site is dedicated the highly acclaimed hit Anime & Manga: Cowboy Bebop. This show is said to represent the best of Japanese animations in the 1990's. Bebop World contains a large collection of Cowboy Bebop information including detailed character profiles, the space technology used in the anime, a huge gallery containing both art book scans and official posters, media downloads, episode summary scripts, song lyrics and an interactive fan forum.

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